El Rey Del Taco

So I’ve been working around the corner from Jean Talon market for the past few weeks. Lucky me: having such a selection of grocery stores, restaurants, and shops right under my nose. Not so lucky me: I am surrounded by so many of deliciously tempting restaurants that I could eat at a different place every day, for the whole summer. And to add to the downside of being so close to so many great restaurants is that my “job” is really an  unpaid internship. Thus leaving me with little extra money to eat out with. Fortunately, today’s restaurant choice was a good pick for those looking for cheap eats; leaving my wallet full, my taste buds satisfied and my plate scraped clean. The restaurant is called “El Rey Del Taco”, meaning “The King of the Taco” in English. And really, it was the king of the taco…and pretty much everything else Mexican.wpid-20130711_131921.jpg

Sitting on the terrace at El Taco Del Rey overlooking the hustle and bustle of Jean Talon market made for the perfect lunch date. To get your palate wet the waiter brings you some Mexican flag colored tortilla chips (not sure if that was on purpose or not) and three different salsas. Watch out – the green salsa is really hot!

On the menu, you will find all the traditional Mexican favorites like tacos, burritos, tamales, and chimichangas; all which come with your choice of meat.  However, if you’re not feeling the Mexican vibe, there are also sandwiches – but who goes to a Mexican restaurant and has a sandwich, especially one this good?!

We ordered the burritos with steak and the tamales with pork. Of the two dishes I preferred the burritos. Served with a side of rice and beans and costing only $9, this dish was fantastic. With the tamales I was trying to order something that I didn’t usually order at a Mexican restaurant. The tamales came with rice, beans, and a green and white sauce drizzled over top. The dish was very flavorful but contained too much of the “tamale dough” and not enough actual pork.  Nevertheless, for just $9, I thought it was well worth the try!

Price: $

Service: ★★

Food: ★★★★

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